The ghost town of Mammoth

Located in Pinal  county, lies a small run down place called Mammoth. It’s easy to see why people call it a ghosttown. I, myself have driven right by it on many occasions! It lies in Pinal county with a population under 1500. So here are some photos I took of this tiny town of Mammoth.

Superior, Az, a place where movies where made!

I did some research on Superior, Az, and found out that Superior has quite a history! Here is a list of movies filmed there. A horror movie called”U-turn, Arizona alien invasion,The gauntlet with Clint Eastwood , and a few others! Pretty cool ah? Here are some pics of my drive to Superior!

The white mountains

I lived in Pinetop, Az for three years and found the scenic views quite spectacular!!!with the land being so vast and so breathtaking, it’s hard to Not want to visit,!!!!! If you love pine trees and are a nature lover, go there. You will enjoy camping, fishing, biking and the hiking trails are great! Most of the land is owned by the Apache tribe, so you will need to purchase permits to camp or drive on the reservation.Here are pictures, so you can see just how beautiful the white mts in Arizona are!

Adventure behind Mt. Lemmon

In all my years of living in Tucson, I never paid attention to what is behind the beautiful Mt. Lemmon! Boy, was I surprised at what I found!If you like zip lining, here it is! If not head to Peppersauce Park, although now it is very dry, it has a lot of trees! Also if you enjoy peace and quiet, check out the “C” ranch! It is a great getaway in the desert!Peppersauce canyon

The Gila river, a place to cool off in hot temps!

While living in the Arizona hot sun, My husband and I needed a place to cool off! We first drove to the Gila river park. It was crowded with campers! Yes it was Memorial Day, so it was understandable! But we love our privacy, so we drove southeast. The landscape is Amazing!

Driving around San Manuel mine and a town called Dudleyville.

When you see the gigantic mounds of dirt and the tall smokestack in San Manuel, it makes you wonder why isn’t it still running? It once was prosperous and kept all the businesses up and running. I took a drive and here is what I saw.