The Titan museum is “the bomb”!

I always wanted to see the most powerful weapon of mass destruction on eartth, at least at one time! 104 feet tall, holy crap! So, It was today, my husband and I went! At first glance, when you walk towards the building, it doesn’t seem so strong to be holding a Titan Missile inside! As we entered, a nice lady greeted us and we paid a fee of $21. The lady told me I needed to put my bag in a locker, then go watch a video. Not that exciting, but insightful. A British man gave us a great hour tour of the building. I took lots of photos to share with you!Go down 56 steps, to the control station, that’s where all the codes and keys can make this baby fly! Don’t worry, this Missile is deactivated and that’s why the cover is half open!This place really is “the bomb”!


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