This is my town, Tucson

When I was about 8 years old, my family lived in Redbank, N.J and my Dad decided we would move to Tucson. We had a real hippy VW station wagon, my mother adored! So, we traveled, my two brothers and My mom and I, traveled across the country to start a life in Tucson. Well, we did, needless to say, No matter how far away I go, Tucson is where my heart is! The reasons why? Because it is where I learned to love and hate, where my dad would watch the sunsets with me, my brothers would fight, and pick on me, where I ate all my meals wth my family. Sometimes people search a lifetime looking for that “home sweet home” but for me now that I’m older, I don’t need to because Tucson was always were I belonged! Yes, this town, Tucson is my town! If you come here, you will love it too!


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