There’s medicine in the desert!

I want to share some interesting facts about the plants from the desert that can heal and soothe the human body. Let’s start with the Aloe plant! Fun fact-I learned some scientists did research on this awesome plant! It turns out that Aloe can actually protect the skin from being damaged by radiation therapy with cancer patients. The juice in Aloe Vera rehydrated, gives heartburn relief, clears skin and aids digestion.

The creosote bush can be used for cuts, arthritis, anemia,bacterial infections, and an anti-diarrhea aid! Amazing to know!

The beautiful agave plant can actually helps heal insect bites, and burns and is an anti-inflammatory!

The agave nectar can be used as a sweetener, just in case your out in the desert!

Sage is a big one, this plant is used by Navajo to scare off negative energy, I personally have used it in a new house to “Cleanse” it. It is also used as an antiseptic to clean wounds , a hair wash and can be used as a dye for black hair. So, I hope you use this information and share. The desert is a true blessing and we can learn to use these plants to heal us in more ways then we ever thought possible!

If you have to eat, you can eat the prickly pear, but make sure you get all the stickers off and cook it really good or you will get sick !!!!


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