Exploring the ghost town trai

I was excited to learn about the historic mining towns close to Tombstone! So I drove all the way up Reddington Rd towards Tombstone to check out Gleeson. This mining town was known for the Turquoise. It has remains of a hospital and a few other buildings. Then we have another mining town called Pearce, named after a miner from Tombstone by the name, Jimmie Pearce. He went exploring and found gold on the side of a hill and became the owner of his own mining town. Pearce had a post office from 1896, a school, jail and an old store. Some people say Pearce is haunted!So if your into Paranormal activity, you may want to investigate. Also, Courtland is around the corner. I thought it was a great day trip and always find western history fascinating! Here are all the remnants of the old west, a great piece of history!The huge tree is said to have been where they hanged criminals on. Unfortunately, they had a locked gate for Courtland, and the rest is pretty much historic buildings falling apart, but it was a good experience!


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