Rules of exploring

I just want to share my personal view on exploring new places. When I go out I don’t always know where I will be going, but I do have rules like making it known on social media and to my husband that I am going out to explore. When I find my destination, I call my hubby or whoever to tell them where I am and how long I will be there. But my main concern is safety. WATER WATER!!! And food and if you have a pet bring pet food!Also, I have been known to go out in the middle of nowhere, with my phone, so I carry a solar powered charger that helps in case. Make sure you wear a great sunscreen, wear sunglasses and protective eye gear always. Make it a habit to load up your backpack with everything you need, and if your a lady, bring a weapon of any kind, whether it be a gun, knife, pepperspray(we live in a crazy time, be prepared for ANYTHING)!!!! Fortunately, my car has GPS and a police button inside! Always use common sense when exploring!!!!Take lots of pics and HAVE FUN!!!!

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