Ft. Verde, a great piece of Arizona’s history!

If your looking to take a nice trip to Camp Verde, try checking out Ft. Verde this December, we did and had a nice time there! Visitor center is open 9-5p.m, has a gift shop, displays and videos, parking is available for bus’s and R.V.’s, handicap accessible. Open Christmas Eve 8-2 P.M. Closed on Christmas!Adults are $7 bucks, kids under 14 are free!

The purpose of Ft.Verde was used as A base for General Crook’s U.S Army Scouts And soldiers in the 1870’s-1880’s. From 1865-1891, Camp Lincoln, Camp Verde and Ft.Verde was home to Doctors, family, enlisted men, and scouts. This park originally had a total of 22 buildings, but now has only 4.

This is a photo of the Commanding officers house back in the 1880’s
Here it is today, it has been very well preserved by people’s donations!
Each room in these buildings is a display of original furniture and signs that explain what these rooms are and who lived in the family, this was the commanding officers living room.
The buildings are all in a straight alignment and have Christmas candles in front of each , they are lit every night!
A group of civilians and soldiers use to hang out on the large porch of the bachelors quarters back then
The last house is the Dr.s house!
Inside the home of the Dr., shows the Dr. and his instruments that were used in that era.
A photo of the original Dr. who served at Ft.Verde.
All the different medicines used
An electrical device used to treat people with depression
The Dr. and his daughter in front of his headquarters.
Inside the bachelors room
Old device used to make saddles for the horses
Native Americans were each trained to become either, police or Indian scouts. They were employed by the Indian Bureau department.
Inside the Visitors centers you will see a lot of awesome photos and displays of Soldiers, Indian Scouts and Buffalo soldiers! It is definitely worth visiting if you want to check it out!

Thanks for reading about this great historic place! Share and Happy holidays! Please write reviews, comment and share!


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