Pearce, the people buried there and it’s history

We drove through the desert in search of something interesting, not knowing we would find a great piece of American history! There was dry tumbleweeds on our left, inside a caged building.

This jail costed $615.45 cents to built in 1915! Talk about being cramped in small spaces!

Pearce is a historic town, found in 1894 by a cornishman named James Pearce who was a miner, a cattleman. He was the man who discovered gold near Pearce. Traveling to Pearce, you will only see a lot of dirt and rocks out there. What’s left of the town is the jail, mercantile / blacksmith shop, the post office and the cemetary. What is fascinating, is the people buried out in Pearce cemetary! Let’s go to the Post office

Directly across the mercantile building is the Post office
Established in 1896, at that time the store was named Soto Bro& Chatman, And Thomas Chatman was appointed as the postmaster.

This is an old photo of the general store along with the gas pump
Newly remodeled and up for sale, this building was named after Soto bro & Thomas Chatman, who was appointed as the postmaster.

Here are more photos of The buildings in Pearce, then we will check out cemetary.

Very old pic of Pearce in it’s heyday!
Right besides the mercantile building, I am thinking this was for the Blacksmith
Mining equipment for the mine, was named Fittsburg, about a mile east of Pearce.

Pearce was bought by a mining company, Commonwealth mine gold, silver project and was acquired in May 2015. Marlin gold mining LTD, a publicly traded mining company has mining projects in Mexico andCochise county, and currently Pierce Hill contains a measure of 984,900 in Gold. The project itself is costing 55 million to complete.

The sign still stands in Pearce
Yep, Abraham Lincoln had bodyguards, this one wasn’t the one who was supposed to protect him from John Wilkes Booth, who obviously sucked as a bodyguard!

His name was George H. Platt

Born 1832-died in 1900 at the age of 67-68, served as a member of Tombstone burnside post.Worked for Abraham Lincoln as his bodyguard!
The cemetary has confederate soldiers, pioneer settlers, farmers and is worth checking out on the U.S 191!

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  1. The connection between this Arizona ghost town and President Lincoln is very interesting! Love the story and the historical figures behind it. We’ll put this place on our bucket list. Thank you for sharing!

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