Social distancing during COVID-19

Man this sucks! A lot of people in Arizona are not taking this serious and they need to! Why risk it? I mean come on! I want this horrible nightmare to go away, not keep spreading and killing people! What do people not understand about staying Away from people and out of groups is so friggin hard to comprehend? I go out yes, but To very remote places where there are no people, no groups!

Let us all do our part and stay away from people! Do the right thing, Always wash your hands like you are a surgeon about to do a surgery!Wear gloves and mask if you are sick and have to be around people if you are sick or better yet STAY HOME! This is not to be taken lightly! Watch the videos I post on Facebook/ and learn survival skills please and share! Thank you very much for doing the right thing during this time, and stay safe out there! I will keep writing and doing my part with good information! Vanessa- co-founder and owner of


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