Pumpkins come in different colors not just orange!

All my life, I thought Pumpkins only came out orange! After thinking about what color to make my pumpkin pie spice soy candles, I thought well, I love orange but why not be different and make them different from all the other orange candles.

I discovered that archaeologists found the oldest seeds in the highland jungles of Oaxaca, Mexico. Originating from over 8, 000 years ago and they were not orange. The photo below shows the different colored pumpkins , aren’t the gorgeous?!!!!! So lovely!

Beautiful colors!!! The blue Grey ones come from Australia and are known to be really sweet!!

Now, the common orange gets its color from beta- carotene that are turned into vitamin A. Great for vision and great for baking deserts as well as the grey blue ones that I would love to use in baking deserts!!! We also have the healthy green acorn squash and yellow. I love a nice spaghetti squash for dinner! So, hopefully you learned something new today! Thanks for reading and will be writing more informative articles! And remember donations always accepted to my Cashapp @Desertexpl


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