Once in a blue moon on Halloween 2020

Have you ever listened to the romantic song “Blue moon” by Ella Fitzgerald? It’s a song I catch myself singing lately. Why? Cause first, I love to sing, second is what this article is about!Okay, first I gotta sing, just kidding, no actually I can sing good😄 So what is a blue moon?

It is called this because it is the 2nd of two full moons in a month. The truth is the blue moon actually is not blue, it just looks it. And those photos you see are used by using a special blue camera, photoshop! The blue moon happens when our earth’s atmosphere contains a lot of smoke and dust, particles that are wider than 900 nanometers. Right now unfortunately the skies are full of dust and smoke from the fires going on. The next one will be August of 2021. So this Halloween, even for the ones who do not celebrate, go out and check it out and maybe take some shots , We want to see them on Desertexplorations.com! Of course with your permission!

Well I hope you liked this small article! Also, my Pumpkin pie spice candles are gonna be blue not orange, as a tribute to the blue moon!

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Vanessa Sondgeroth


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