Along the Apache trail comes the story of William Alchesay

A leader in Peace & War

When you travel through the Apache trail, we all see the gorgeous scenery and don’t really pay attention to some of our western history.

October 29th, 2020 at the Roosevelt dam, this is called Alchesay canyon
The Alchesay bridge
Alchesay canyon is named after this leader and after the bridge as well, photo below.

He was born in the year 1853 and he became a great leader to the white mt. Apache. Many other Apaches looked up to him as well. During the time of the Apache wars, the Apache scouts were being trained. These Apaches were extremely good at tracking animals and people. They could blend in well with nature. They were able to hide within the natural elements and not be spotted. Eleven of these scouts, including Alchesay led a group of Apache chiefs back in 1888 to President Cleveland in Washington, D.C. during the winter campaigns.


President Cleveland

Alchesay received the congressional Medal of Honor for their part in the campaigns. The Medal of Honor given to each of the ten scouts read “For Gallant conduct during the campaigns and engagements with Apaches. Alchesay was friends with Geronimo, until Geronimo died. William Alchesay lived the rest of his life With his wives in Fort Apache and became a rancher and stayed active and effective as a politician in Indian affairs.

Photo of a car from the 18th century driving up the Apache trail
Low water along the Apache trail
Apache lake was closed
Very peaceful and gorgeous Apache lake!
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