Off-roading the East 96 Ranch Trail in Florence, Az!

I read the reviews about this off-roading experience and decided we gotta try this road out! We went west on U.S. route 79 , also known as Pinal pioneer parkway towards Florence, Az, go up and take a right onto East 96 Ranch Rd. And you will see a lot of Cholla, Saguaro, Creosote bushes along this well maintained dirt rd.

If you watched my video, you will see we pulled over on the right to go explore the old adobe house. Yes, I took a ton of pictures of this abandoned ranch! First, is the adobe homestead.

Right back side of the house
Under this dirt hill is a bunker and or storage room
Pretty dark inside
Underground bunker or storage room

I think this adobe house must have been beautiful way back, looks like it was built in the 1930-1940 era. Fascinating, in my opinion.

Ok, so across the road on the left, you will find another house that’s falling apart, here’s the photos

This was once a barn, now its dissipating into mother earths natural elements.

Wow, what a fun off roading experience


This is a great place to explore, unfortunately I can’t find out who owned this ranch, but I am sure it was a great ranch at one time!

After exploring this abandoned ranch, we decided to keep driving up North on this road

If your looking to go hiking, here ya go! The Arizona trail is out here!
I was so curious where this road went, and then finally I saw something familiar! The Hayden smelters are way off in the background!
What????!!!! Is this Dudleyville coming up!!!
Trees align along the San Pedro River, gorgeous!
Fall colors are stunning in the sunlight! What a fun experience this was! So, if you want to try it, and enjoy the Arizona desert fully , do this road!

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Thank you & God bless you!


Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth!

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