White Oaks has a fascinating history!

I took this picture of the abandoned 1887 Hoyle mansion from afar in White Oaks. The man who built it was Watt Hoyle built in 1893, one of the owners of the OldAbe mine. He built this Victorian mansion for his then fiancée, who decided not to marry him, They call it “Hoyles folly”
Old Abe’s mine, gold in White Oaks

Fourty miles east of this ghost town called White Oaks was where Billy the kid loved to party. He loved gambling, and hanging with some rough necks. It was after the Lincoln county wars that Billy and his “gang” would go after the cattle in White Oaks. The people of White Oaks were not happy what Billy and his posse did with their cattle, so some of the White Oak citizens got together and planned on going after the kid and his guys.

Eventually these citizens caught up with them and then the gunfight started!

But the cattle thieves got away and came back to White Oaks just to flaunt it in their faces! That’s when Dave Rudabaugh shot at Sherriff Redman for the heck of it. Redman got away from the bullets and about thirty of the citizens joined forces with the sheriff to run Billy the kid, Dave Rudabaugh and Billy Wilson out of White Oaks!

Dave Rudabaugh
Billy Wilson was both outlaw then law officer

White Oaks ghost town still has a few of its original buildings like the Schoolhouse

This schoolhouse is now a museum

Also, another attraction for many cowboys is the “No scum allowed Saloon” which is rated as one of top ten cowboys Saloon.

The historic Gumm house, what a beauty!
Historic Brown store has had many different paint jobs, it was not these colors when I visited!

So if you want to go on a road trip and check it out, it is in Lincoln county in Carizzozo, New Mexico. you can also check out White Oaks miners home, valley of fires recreation area, Smokey Bear museum, Carizzozo heritage museum, or Fort Stanton historic site!

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Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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