Arizona’ s women in history; let’s talk about Linda Ronstadt!

Music surrounded Linda from when she was very young. Linda’s mother, Ruth Mary Ronstadt played the ukulele and her father Gilbert played guitar and taught young Linda how to play. He also loved to sing Mexican folklore songs. By the age of six, Linda was singing with her family. She had a sister and two brothers. Linda attended St.Peter & Parochial school, but Linda had a rebellious side to her, so that didn’t work out. She then attended Catalina high school and graduated. She did go to the U of A but didn’t stay very long. Linda moves to Los Angeles. She was romantically involved with a Tucson Native Bob Kimmel who convinced Linda to start a band called the “Stone Ponies” back in the year of 1964. That was short lived when Mercury records, but they wanted to change the music to more beach surfer kind of music and change the name. More like the mamas and papas kind of music.

Linda finally got a break when her first country hit came Silver threads and Golden Needles. She made her 130 million off the song Your no good and is called the “Queen of country rock.”

Here is a list of Linda’s top songs. When will I be loved, Can’t help it if I’m still in love with you, Blue Bayou, a classic song by Roy Orbison. This song is one of my ultimate favorites by Linda and she really sings it so good along with Harmony vocals of the Eagles very own Don Henley. Also, the song “That’ll be the day” originally a Buddy Holly song, Linda managed to reinvent this song which brought her a Grammy award. She also sang “Somewhere out there” with real time boyfriend Aaron Neville. “Don’t know much”another great duet with Linda and the song “All my life” Linda also dated George Lucas, who made the Star Wars movies. Which leads us to the question of how many Grammy awards did this awesome And talented lady win? a whopping ten Grammies!!!!!!!!!! Linda Ronstadt never married but she did however date Jim Carrey back in 1983, she also dated the musician Aaron Neville and she dated Mick Jagger in 1977-78.

She never married because she doesn’t do well with compromise and she decided to adopt a son and daughter back in The 1990’s. She adopted Mary Clementine as an infant and her son, Carlos when he was a baby as well in 1994.

Linda stopped singing in 2009, as she lost her voice and discovered she has the debilitating disease of Parkinson’s . She resides in Tucson in a beautiful pink Mediterranean style house. She is now 74 years old and is completely devoted to her children.

You can check her music out and get more information on her on the internet, she is a very fascinating woman in Arizona’s history!

Thank you for reading and my next articles will be on a historical trail we found while in Rio Rico, Az! Please share this site with everyone and write a review or comment please! Thanks!

God bless,

Vanessa Rossi-Sondgeroth


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