Road trip ; Chloride, Az and an escape into the Hualapai mountain park!

Old gas pumps still standing in Chloride, Az.
Old photo of Chloride in 1914

I was really excited to get out and go on a small road trip over the weekend! Nothing beats a nice long drive with your jams blasted on the radio! Well, needless to say we ended up in Chloride, Az.. This place was founded in 1862,where silver was discovered here and it had a whopping 75 mines! It is located 25 miles north of Kingman, Az and 80 miles South of Las Vegas. It is in Mohave county and is nestled in the Cerbat mountain range.

Chloride is the oldest mining town that still has a heartbeat here in Arizona! It is a cool place to check out . It is full of old buildings, a lot of artistic expressionism, and although some people call it a ghost town, it is inhibited by many people! probably around 400 or more people reside here. We noticed a lot of people sitting outside the resteraunt called “Yesterday’s.

The sheep miners Inn, this Includes the resteraunt called “Yesterday’s. Built in the 1800’s and was for miners and their families.
Chloride prides itself with a few historical buildings from this original jail building, the Post office and the volunteer fire department , the oldest in Arizona from 1939, a ford fire engine.
Old buildings including Chloride Post office still standing.
Chloride has a staging entertainment area consisting of old wooden prop buildings for a tourist attraction, but it was not in operation when we arrived!
Inside the saloon, tourist building looks like it is a fun place for photography and a great fake bar fight, no violence required!😂🤣🤣🤣

The murals that were painted by Roy Purcell are pretty cool, Called “The Journey” on 2,000 square feet and we saw many jeeps coming down the dirt road. It looks like many trails for off-roaders out there! Fun.

Chloride has had some movies filmed there as well. In Fact, Jack Nicholson Started in the 1970’s movie called Rebel Rousers! Also “Universal soldier 1992) “Serendepity (3) and anold western movie called “Old Nevada! Pretty awesome!

So after we left Chloride, we headed to The Hualapai Mountain Park!

Beautiful Pine trees are everywhere , just breathtaking scenery all around, this is a great place to escape the Arizona heat! They rent out cabins if your looking to get away! And you will find great arc off road trails about 5,000 feet above Kingman.

This was a fun roadtrip and if your looking for something new to go see, this is a nice trip!

Hope you enjoyed this article, next month we will be taking a trip up I-95 North to Oregon, then down to Belmont, NV, Tonapah, NV, and then stay at the Clown motel!

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