The Elf Owl, the smallest owl in the world and some other facts!

With Christmas coming up, And my love for owls, I thought I would talk about these really cool little owls today!These owls are the smallest and lightest, weighing only 40 grams and their size is 12 to 14 .5 Cm. They live in Northern America and are nocturnal.

They sing a lot at night to attract mates and the sound of there hoot is that of a cute puppy sound! The current population is around 150,000. The feathers are a grayish brown including on the heads. Eyes are bright yellow and they basically eat insects.

These owls like to take over woodpeckers holes in Saguaro Cactus and Oak trees. And another interesting fact is they mate for life!

When an enemy comes around, these owls are so smart, they play dead, wow! Well, these are some very interesting facts! I may just paint some of these and put an elf suit on it for my business, Rossi Coasters & Candles lol🤣🤣

Okay guys, hope you liked this article, thanks for supporting this site by following me and my explorations and checkout ng out my handmade products! Next up, I am going to be discussing the benefits of Goat milk!

Love to you all!



One response to “The Elf Owl, the smallest owl in the world and some other facts!”

  1. Well, according to Audubon and PBS , the Elf Owl is the smallest owl in the world, thank you for telling me though and your right some information on the internet may be wrong and outdated, thanks!


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